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Introduction | Health, Safety & Environmental

Health, Safety & Environmental

The Kangnam Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Program's guiding principle is to attain the highest performance levels in all aspects of compliance and protection by providing unparalleled support and services to our workforce, customers, and communities.

Operating Safely

As an industry leader in operating safely, Kangnam strives to provide a place of employment for our staff and our customers that is the safest possible in the challenging marine environment.

The company maintains effective accident prevention programs and systems and complies with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.

We view operating safely, accident prevention and environmental protection as core operational responsibilities, and so all employees are responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental accidents through the use of good judgment and the consistent application of company guidelines and procedures.

That commitment has made Kangnam an industry leader in operating safely.

A Strong Environmental Ethic

Kangnam is privileged to deliver its services in an environmental setting of extraordinary beauty and power : the waters of the world. We are keenly aware of the balance that must be maintained between human activities and nature’s beauty and abundance, and we’re committed to conducting all of our operations in a way that avoids or minimizes actions that could harm the environment.

Our policy is one of responsible environmental stewardship; our objective is to prevent pollution in our operations. Kangnam and its employees follow all state, national and other applicable regulatory standards to prevent pollution or environmental damage to the lands, waters and air in which they work. Furthermore, vendors, subcontractors and others who visit or work at company locations and facilities are held accountable for ensuring that environmentally sound practices and applicable laws and procedures are followed. We make sure every employee knows that environmental pollution hazards or violations of our environmental policy should be brought to the immediate attention of management.

To support our Health, Safety, and Environmental commitment, Kangnam has established the following policies:

  • We will identify the activities of our business that can impact the safety and environment and will establish measurable objectives for these activities. We will measure, monitor, and continuously improve our performance in these areas.
  • We will implement practicable actions for the reduction and prevention of pollution.
  • We will promote a personal commitment to the Health, safety and environment by all personnel.
  • We will ensure that all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental training, equipment, and resources are provided