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Introduction | CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

First of all, I appreciate your visiting our homepage. We will remember your visit.

We Kangnam, have engaged in the development of FRP Shipbuilding Industry in Korea and have contributed to the Defense Industry. While other shipyards focused on size and scale, we led the FRP shipbuilding industry by focusing on development of own technology and significant improvement of critical quality factors.

We are backed by the strength of our group with deep experience in advanced materials and applications, propelling us towards a global presence, based on our high technology and experience.

To keep pace with the needs of global times, we are continuing to adopt an innovative business culture and offer inspiration in our areas of strength: Defense shipbuilding, Structures and Repair The pursued future of Kangnam is to be the best shipyard among defense industries in adoption of the most advanced technology, continuous quality improvement to meet our customers need and aspirations. We will endeavor to do this on the foundation of an amicable relationship between the management and employees of the company.

We can promise that the future of Kangnam will bring happiness to you. Please continue to support us in our activities.